Cooling Towers and Electricals


Perfect Engineering Works established, in 1972, is one of the first group Company. Perfect Engineering Works started as manufacturing customized engineering items such as machined components etc; Soon it diversified into manufacturing cooling towers & its components. In later 90’s it became one of the leading manufactures of cooling towers & its components.


The group also diversified into electrical products of transformers, CTs, PTs, of various capacities and very soon expanded its product portfolio with inclusion of voltage stabilizers, rectifiers and battery chargers.


Today Perfect Engineering Works prides itself in exporting many of the above mentioned products as per strict customer requirement across the globe.

Products Range

Cooling Tower

  • Available from 5 TR to 5000 TR
  • Round Bottle Shaped (PC Series)
  • Square Shaped Module (PS Series)
  • Modular Design with high efficiency


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Cooling Tower Spares

  • Various spares available such as Fan Assembly, Sprinkler, Header, Fillings, Motor, Structures, FRP Components, etc.
  • For any make, any type and any capacity


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Customised Control Panel

  • All types of LT Control Panel such as Motor Control Centre, Power Control Centre
  • (up to 1600 AMPS), APFC Panel (up to 500 KVAR), MCB DB’S etc.


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  • For application in Electroplating, Batter Charging, Motor speed control, Power Supply etc. in air cooled and / or oil cooled construction


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Voltage Stabilisers

  • Servo Controlled automatic voltage stabilisers as per IS:9815 for any capacity from 1 KVA to 2000 KVA in 1 ph or 3 ph (Balanced and unbalanced load)


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  • For application in Electroplating, Battery Charging, Motor Speed Control, Power Supply, etc. in aircooled and / or oil cooled construction.


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Current Transformers

  • All types of LT CT’s as per IS:2705, IS:6949, BS:3938, IEC 185 or customers specification for any current upto 10000 AMPS


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